Monterey foam uses virgin EPS foam for the structure of our shapes, which is covered by high quality woven polypropylene mesh for reinforcement.

Currently two coating options are available.

Monterey Foam's sand finish has a roughness that is ideal for use as a base coat under a stucco finish coat. It may also be installed and simply painted over. The majority of our production is made with sand finish.

Our Imperfect Smooth simulates the look and feel of precast concrete. It combines the advantages of being lightweight, making it easy to install, as well as being more quickly and less expensively manufactured than precast concrete. This finish is especially popular on columns and entryway arches.

Additional finishes will become available in the future to meet our customers' requirements.

Flat stock is produced in various cross sectional sizes (ex. 1" x 4", 1" x 6"), typically in sand finish at a length of 8 feet. View our standard flat stock shapes.

Potshelves, bands, and eave shapes can be produced in standard 8 foot length or with returns, miter cuts, with joint lines, along arches, in sand finish, imperfect smooth or with additional options as required. Just about any custom shape or variation can be made to meet specific design requirements. View our standard potshelves, standard eaves and standard bands.

Arches can be created with a flat stock or shaped cross section in virtually any size. Many design variations are possible. View our standard arches.

Our standard Quatrefoil designs can be modified to fit individual specifications or custom quatrefoils and medallions can be made. View our standard quatrefoil shapes.

Columns may be produced with our standard cap and base shapes or according to custom designs. View our standard column shapes.

Most standard shapes are packed on pallets measuring 40 inches x 96 inches and stacked around 60 inches high and secured by plastic straps. This makes loads easily transferable with a forklift or pallet jack. If requested, a job and lot number can be written on each piece.

The following link illustrates our recommended method of installation. View our recommended installation.